Theoretically every putt could be called a “money putt”- make it or miss it, would mean win or lose. But statistically and historically, the money putt has been the 10’ and under putt – why? Because the 10’ and under putt is usually either a “birdie putt” (make it and gain one stroke on the field), or a “par putt” (miss it and lose one stroke to the field).

Follow both the LPGA and the PGA Tour events, and the winners are usually not the players making the most 30’ putts, (if you have a lot of 30 footers, you are not hitting the ball very well!). The winners are the players who “MISS” less money putts!!

Pro Players using The Putting Stick
Pro Players using The Putting Stick

And the Putting Stick was invented to make you deadly- with the Money Putt!! How does the Putting Stick make you deadly with the Money Putt?

Perfect Practice (practice makes permanent/perfect practice makes perfect- not just permanent) & Immediate Feedback (the Breakfast of Champions): when practicing you must analyze the results, so that you know what you need to work on- AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE PUTTING STICK DOES – it gives you immediate feedback (so you can groove the perfect money putt stroke).

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