The Putting Stick – A Game Changer

The Putting Stick is endorsed and used by too many of the Top 50 teachers to list all of them but 2 endorsements come from Mike Bender, #4 ranked teacher, and Craig Farnsworth ( – Putting teacher to the stars of Golf (and considered by many as the #1 putting teacher in the USA)!!

Mike Bender- “anyone wanting to sink more putts should use the Putting Stick. It is a great product and will help you groove a fundamentally sound putting stroke. Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect, and the Putting Stick is perfect putting practice.”

Craig Farnsworth- “The Putting Stick is a game changer.”

What makes for “perfect putting practice”? Developing a stroke that ensures your putter face is square to the line that you read, (and you need to be on) to make
the putt. So what is the purpose of putting practice- to develop a stroke that ensures the putter face is square to the line at impact with the ball.

How do you “groove” that stroke- practice, practice, practice. But the practice needs to be perfect!! That means that the area you are practicing on needs to have no incline towards or away from your feet – so the area where you strike the ball needs to be flat!!

Uphill/downhill makes no difference, but the ball being in an area where there is a slope towards or away from your feet will affect your understanding of how you actually stroked the ball!

The Putting Stick, as one of its utility patents’ claims, is the only training aid with an integrated (built in) level, assuring the spot you are putting on is level, “side to side.”

An example you want to avoid: there is a slight slope from the ball towards your feet. You stroke the ball and it goes squarely down the line of your putter face stroke. Are you “grooving” a good stroke? NO! If the incline was towards you and the ball went straight, then your putter face had to be slightly open – otherwise the ball should
have gone slightly to the left.

Also, you will see immediately after each stroke what your putter face position was in relation to squareness at impact: if you are even 1/4 of one degree open or closed, the ball will not be rolling down the middle of the stick but more along the edge. If the putter face is open or closed 1/2 of one degree, you will see more of the ball along that particular edge.


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