Always delighted with Pros using the PuttingStick including Hannah Arnold at WAPTGolf.

Hannah says: I have been working with the putting stick for 5 months now. I have already seen better results. I hit puts on the putting stick five minutes in the morning and at night. It’s a perfect training aid for being on the road. I can get in technique reps away from the course and then focus on tempo/speed at the course. With both the speed stick and putting stick, I’m able to play my best golf each week on the road. I started using both the putting stick and speed stick this year and was able to qualify for stage 2 of LPGA qualifying school.

So thrilled to learn of success on the Green.

While I’m at the course I use the speed stick to dial in consistent pace around the greens. Even on the road and playing different types of greens, the speed stick allows me to create confidence in a stroke that I know will create the best speed for a variety of putts. Both of these products have helped me drain more putts. They both gave me the confidence to believe in my technique.

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