What makes for a good putter in Golf? Or actually in anything we want to accomplish/become in life!!

True Confidence!! I am going to talk about golf and putting, but I believe you can extrapolate these responses to almost any situation in life.

If you are standing over a 3-4 foot putt and have any doubt about being able to make that putt- guess what; you probably won’t make it.

However, if you are standing over that same putt and have no doubt that you will make it- guess what; you probably will make it! But this confidence must be based on reality (not wishful thinking- false confidence).

So how does one develop this “real confidence?” Practice, practice, practice- with the results being an accurate reflection of the “putting Stroke” that the golfer has developed. So what is the most important part of the “putting stroke?” That at the point of impact of “putter face” to ball, the putter face is “square to the line” that the golfer picked as needed to have the “ball go in the hole” (after reading the putt). Since we are talking about the “money putt” (6′ or less) this means that there is about 10″ of the stroke that is important (as part of the whole stroke – but reality is “was the putter face square to the line you picked?” That is the KEY).

How the Putting Stick develops that “real confidence” will be covered in future blogs.

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